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Jim's Bunny Hunters

Specialist Pest Control

New Zealands only MPI/Government permitted ferreters.

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Working a DOC job in Twizel
ECAN said they didn't have a problem, this was 3 paddocks
Ferreting a fenceline
Ferreting under some trees in Kaikoura
Ferreting around a burn pile
Waiting for the rabbits in an olive grove
Autumn rabbiting
Ferret coming out of a rabbit hole that was covered with a purse net
Olive grove ferreting
Olive grove ferreting
Different sized ferrets with different sized rabbits
Working in beautiful Mackenzie country
Teaching them young
A problem solved
Not always ferocious killers
Removing some rabbits from under limestone rubble
You know we've been working if the roof is looking furry
Hares and rabbits after a night shoot
She loves working with the animals
Net set in Mackenzie
Small burn pile that about 30 rabbits come out of it in Scargill
She's so helpful
Teaching some cub scouts about poison free pest control
Always surprises me how often rabbits make wood piles their home
Amazing take down
Hares after a night shoot
Ferreting around a marsh
Thirsty work ratting in a piggery
Some sandy holes in West Melton
Stunning Mackenzie landscape
"Mr Ferret" is the new nickname from DOC after doing some work for them in Mackenzie
Hot days work
The takeaway after a long day ferreting
Number one ferret handler
Easy to forget they're wild
Collection of removed pests after a night shoot
Some times feels like Time Zone when you have a rubber mallet in your hand
Truck set up
Some of the team with their prizes from a small job
It was a windy one
Working hard in Twizel
Ferret with a purse net
Gorgeous Gary
Some funny looking bread
Working hard in Twizel
Stopping for a cool off
Hard to be surprised where we find warrens now. Canterbury A&P showgrounds
Lots more pests from north Canterbury. Pukeko feathers were donated to a local Marae for cloak makin
A fun little ratting job
More rabbits
The results of a long hot day
Keeping on top of the bunnies in Burnham
Beautiful Mackenzie
Took a few rabbits from Moeraki
Well behaved at the vets
Teaching some cub scouts about what we do
Great morning for a hunt
A good wee haul of furry bread
Myx and her rabbits for the day
Foggy morning working
The team out for a shoot
Small job in West Melton
Hares and rabbits after a night shoot
A well earned cool off break
Results of a night shoot
Setting up for the cub scout presentation
Rabbits and pigeons and hares, oh my
Took over 150 from this West Melton property
Dogs waiting for the ferrets to do their job so they can do theirs
Cub scout presentation
They love their job
A good little ratting job
Some rabbits near Rolleston
Another night shoot
A mixed bag after a night shoot
An amazing catch
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Pests being pests?

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Rabbits can be a major problem, not only to large farms and lifestyle blocks but to smaller urban properties as well. On a large scale they compete with stock for food, ruin pasture by digging up plants and they dig dangerous burrows, which if stepped in by stock or horses can cause broken legs which can at the very least cause expensive vet bills but can also mean the end of the road for that animal. In urban areas the dangers are less severe but they are still a nuisance, they will eat your vegetable gardens and dig holes under outhouses, decks and fences which can be dangerous to people as well as pets. So if you're sick and tired of rabbits digging and destroying your property then you've come to the right place. We specialise in no poison management of rabbits and hares including rabbit proof fencing around sections or buildings. Why not give us a call, we offer a free no obligation quote so you have nothing to lose but your rabbit problem.


Possums are an invasive species from Australia that do millions of dollars worth of damage a year in New Zealand. They destroy native flora by stripping the trees and shrubs they feed on, quite often leading to the death of those plants. 

They can also carry TB which can be spread to cattle and occasionally to humans.  

There are other reasons for wanting to remove possums from your property too. They can do some serious damage to pets and people as they have some incredibly long sharp claws. 



Stoats, Ferrets and Weasels are all members of the Mustelid family and all three pose a great threat to New Zealand's fragile native bird life. Ground dwelling birds like Kiwi are particularly vulnerable, but Mustelids will also climb trees while in search of food and as they are primarily nocturnal they will often come across sleeping birds and take advantage. They can also be a large problem for chicken farmers and people who keep birds in aviaries as they can be hard to keep out because of their size and ability to rip, chew and squeeze into buildings and cages.

Avian pests

Despite seeming relatively harmless, birds can cause massive loss and damage for farms and building owners. Pigeons are notorious for leaving excrement in unwanted places, and can cause damage while roosting in undesirable places. They are also more than happy to take seed from freshly sewn paddocks which can result in farmers having to resow crops. Pukeko, while rather pretty and intriguing with their prehistoric looks, can cause massive damage and financial loss in areas where they can reach prolific numbers. They can pull and disturb plants and contaminate waterways, ponds and troughs leaving them undrinkable for stock.  Magpies are another invasive pest from Australia.  Although very intelligent, they prey on native fauna and area chicks from the nest of songbirds etc. They are also well known to cause fairly serious injuries to people and animals by dive  bombing and attacking “intruders” on their turf. Especially during nesting season.  If there is another bird that has your feathers ruffled, give us a call and we can discuss options with you.

lots of pigeons.jpg
feral cat.jpg

Feral cats

They may look just like our pets and seem cute, cuddley and harmless but feral cats, like Mustelids are an enormous problem to native birdlife. However unlike Mustelids, cats kill for fun not just out of need which means one cat can take over 100 native animals per year. Feral cat populations can be hard to control because people sometimes don't realise the damage they can do and can feed and encourage them to hang around, because of this not only do they affect our native species they also e

affect our pets. Just like pets, feral cats will fight over territory and this can lead to injured animals and hefty vet bills.

They can also be an absolute nightmare if you keep chickens, aviary birds or other small animals.

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