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About Us

We are a small family business, that packs a big punch

We started out in pest control because we have seen firsthand the destruction and heartbreak that pests like rabbits and possums can do. 

We are both animal lovers, and Jim has had an obsession with ferrets since he got his first ones in the 90's. We started out doing pest control on our own property and progressed to friends and local businesses, from there it has naturally progressed to launching Jim's Bunny Hunters and opening up to the public to provide this unique and incredibly effective pest control method.  The opportunity to be able to help other people and animals with animals is perfect for us and we love what we do, we get to meet all kinds of people and enjoy being able to provide a cost effective green approach to pest control.

​We love to help other people and we are now proud to say that our meat now also goes to feed the beautiful raptors at Oxford Bird Rescue. This means that almost 100% of the animals we take are used by us, our animals or injured birds. 

Thank you for checking out our business and we hope to hear from you soon,

Jim & Jacqui

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