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Stoats, Ferrets and Weasels are all members of the Mustelid family and all three pose a great threat to New Zealand's fragile native bird life. Ground dwelling birds like Kiwi are particularly vulnerable, but Mustelids will also climb trees while in search of food and as they are primarily nocturnal they will often come across sleeping birds and take advantage. They can also be a large problem for chicken farmers and people who keep birds in aviaries as they can be hard to keep out because of their size and ability to rip, chew and squeeze into buildings and cages.

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Our method

Before doing anything we always like to visit to get an idea of what we are dealing with so that we can provide a more accurate quote. At this time we can go over preventative measures and discuss options on how you would like us to control any pests. 


We can place traps around your property and monitor them for you.


If numbers are prolific we can shoot in conjunction with trapping.

All animals are dispatched humanely.

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