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"Mr Ferret" is his new nickname from DOC
Ferreting around a marsh in Kaikoura
Some sandy West Melton holes
Working on a DOC job in Twizel
Net set in the beautiful Mackenzie
Truck set up
Heading home after a hot afternoon
The team with their haul after a small job
Ferreting a fenceline
Stunning Mackenzie
Working under some trees in Kaikoura
Teach them young
A good wee haul of rabbits
Snuggled up for a break on a chilly day
Ecan said they didnt have a rabbit problem, this was 3 paddocks
Ferreting under some limestone rubble
You know we've been working if the roof is looking fluffy
Hares and rabbits after a night shoot
Her favourite thing
A small burn pile we got about 30 rabbits out of
She just loves working with the animals
We were asked to do a presentation for some cub scouts
Always amazes me how often we find rabbits in wood piles
An epic catch
Some hares after a night shoot
Thirsty work ratting in a piggery
A good haul after a long day ferreting
Number one helper
Sometimes it's easy to forget they're wild
Rabbits and pigeons after a night shoot
Feels like Time Zone sometimes when you have a rubber mallet in your hand
Was a windy one
Beautiful Mackenzie
A ferret coming out of a hole that was covered with a purse net
Gorgeous Gary
Some funny looking bread
A well deserved cool off in the lake
Not even surprised the places we find warrens anymore. Canterbury A&P showgrounds
After a morning shoot in north Canterbury. The Pukeko feathers went to a local Marae to be weaved in
A fun little ratting job
After a mornings work
A long hot day in West Melton
Keeping on top of the bunnies in Burwood
Gorgeous day in Mackenzie
Some rabbits we took from Moeraki
Well behaved at the vet
Another Twizel stunner
Teaching some cub scouts about what we do
Great morning for a shoot
Another load of funny bread
Myx with her catches
A foggy start to the day
The team off for a night shoot
Happy dogs and ferrets after a job in West Melton
Hares and rabbits after a night shoot
Happy team at the end of the day
Setting up for cub scout presentation
Rabbits and pigeons and hares, oh my
Took over 150 rabbits from this property in West Melton
Dogs waiting patiently for the ferrets to finish their job so they can do theirs
We had a blast teaching the cub scouts about pests and how we manage them
Working in Moeraki
They love their jobs
Good wee load of rats from near Darfield
A few rabbits from near Rolleston
Quite the mixed bag on this shoot
Epic catch
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