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Rabbits can be a major problem, not only to large farms and lifestyle blocks, but to smaller urban properties as well. On a large scale they, compete with stock for food, ruin pasture by digging up plants and they dig dangerous burrows, which if stepped in by stock or horses can cause broken legs which can likely mean the end of the road for that animal.In urban areas, the dangers are less severe but they are still a nuisance, they will eat your vegetable gardens and dig holes under outhouses, decks and fences which can be dangerous to people as well as pets. 
So if you're sick and tired of rabbits digging and destroying your property then you've come to the right place. We specialise in no poison managment of rabbits and hares including rabbit proof fencing around sections and buildings.
Why not give us a call, we offer a free no obligation quote so you have nothing to lose but your rabbit problem.

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Our methods

We specialise in equine and residential properties, as these are two of the main places that are unable to be poisoned, especially if there are children or other animals around. 

Before we do anything we will arrange a time to come and visit with you and assess any problem areas that rabbits are living and discuss a plan with you as to how you would like to proceed and what potential costs will be.

We have two main ways that we can remove rabbits from your property, one using the traditional method of ferreting with long nets and dogs and the other with firearms. 


To start we will set up a perimeter around a target area like a warren, shipping containers or your house with a long net setup.

We will then ensure that all ferrets we use are wearing collars with trackers on them and place them near a hole, they then run through the warrens and flush any rabbits that are hiding away so that they run out and get caught in the nets, when this happens one of our team will humanely and quickly dispatch it by breaking its neck.
Occasionally the ferrets will get a kill underground, in which case we can use the trackers to locate them and dig it up if desired and where possible. 


Depending on what the client wants or after a ferreting session we can provide day or night shooting options. When night shooting we prefer to use thermal spotters, night vision and subsonic .22 ammunition on silenced rifles, as this lessens the disturbance to any other animals and neighbours. This is particularly effective  in conjunction with ferreting as this gives a good idea of how many are remaining and we can clear any that we see. 

After population control has begun we can work on solutions to keep them from returning, give you peace of mind for the future and save you money.

All animals are dispatched humanely.

Rabbit proof fencing

Before or after ferreting there is also the option of securing your property even further by adding rabbit proof fencing. We use either 10mm weld mesh, 13mm hex mesh for around buildings, decks, existing fences or other places where height to keep other animals in or out is not an issue or Multistrand which is a new product to the market ideal as a sheep fence substitute or replacement instead of adding mesh to existing fences. 

You can be assured of a quality job as not only do we have experience with what works best to keep pests out, your job will also be finished to an incredibly high standard as James has years of experience fencing and Jacqui as a landscaper and gardener so your fencing will do its job, last a long time and look good too.

Once the fencing is in it makes it a lot easier to remove and keep pests out so minimal follow up work will be required in the future. 

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