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Feral cats

They may look just like our pets and seem cute, cuddley and harmless but feral cats, like Mustelids are an enormous problem to native birdlife. However unlike Mustelids, cats kill for fun not just out of need which means one cat can take over 100 native animals per year. Feral cat populations can be hard to control because people sometimes don't realise the damage they can do and can feed and encourage them to hang around, because of this not only do they affect our native species they also effect our pets. Just like pets, feral cats will fight over territory and this can lead to injured animals and hefty vet bills.

They can also be an absolute nightmare if you keep chickens, aviary birds or other small animals.

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Our method

Before doing anything we always like to visit to get an idea of what we are dealing with so that we can provide a more accurate quote. At this time we can go over preventative measures and discuss options on how you would like us to control any pests. 


We can provide traps and set them around your property, and then monitor them daily for you.


If you have feral cats hanging around your property we can also dispatch them with firearms.

If you are looking into feral cat solutions, please be sure to notify any neighbours and ensure that any pets are collared and or locked away the evening of shooting.

All animals are humanely dispatched.

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