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Avian pests

Despite seeming relatively harmless, birds can cause massive loss and damage for farms and building owners. Pigeons are notorious for leaving excrement in unwanted places, and can cause damage while roosting in undesirable places. They are also more than happy to take seed from freshly sewn paddocks which can result in farmers having to resow crops. Pukeko, while rather pretty and intriguing with their prehistoric looks, can cause massive damage and financial loss in areas where they can reach prolific numbers. They can pull and disturb plants and contaminate waterways, ponds and troughs leaving them undrinkable for stock.  Magpies are another invasive pest from Australia.  Although very intelligent, they prey on native fauna and even chicks from the nest of songbirds etc. They are also well known to cause fairly serious injuries to people and animals by dive  bombing and attacking “intruders” on their turf. Especially during nesting season.  If there is another bird that has your feathers ruffled, give us a call and we can discuss options with you.

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Our method

Before doing anything we always like to visit to get an idea of what we are dealing with so that we can provide a more accurate quote. At this time we can go over preventative measures and discuss options on how you would like us to control any pests. 

Primarily we manage birds with .22 caliber rifles with either subsonic or bird shot ammunition. 

We can also discuss options for bird proofing or deterrents to reduce any future problems. 

For Pukeko management different rules apply and permission is required from Fish and Game, but it is free and we can help you organise this. As the land owner all you will need to do is send an email stating why you need to to manage your birds, how many you have and your address. 

All animals are humanely dispatched. 

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