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Possums are an invasive species from Australia that do millions of dollars worth of damage a year in New Zealand. They destroy native flora by stripping the trees and shrubs they feed on, quite often leading to the death of those plants. 

They can also carry TB which can be spread to cattle and occasionally to humans.  

There are other reasons for wanting to remove possums from your property too. They can do some serious damage to pets and people as they have some incredibly long sharp claws. 

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Our method

Before doing anything we always like to visit to get an idea of what we are dealing with so that we can provide a more accurate quote. At this time we can go over preventative measures and discuss options on how you would like us to control any pests. 


We can set traps around your property and then monitor them daily for you.


We use our possum dogs along with thermal spotters to search and locate possums and then dispatch them with silenced .22 rifles and night vision scopes. 

All animals are dispatched humanely.

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